Space Optimization

How is your Assortment and Space Optimization?

COVID-19 and the pandemic shined a spotlight on key opportunities to improve Assortment and Space Optimization. Panic buying emptied store shelves faster than retailers could keep up. Because of product shortages that occurred during the pandemic, store level assortments and planograms that have not been optimized are in desperate need of refreshing.

panic buying emptied shelves and heavily influenced store assortment
In 2020, panic buying and emptied shelves faster than retailers could keep up

During 2020 it also became obvious that there were products on store shelves that didn’t sell, even during a global pandemic. It also highlighted the need to refresh assortments to meet changing customer demands. CPG companies and distributors are doing their own assortment optimization. This is not always the best approach. Refreshing your planograms based on data analytics will enable your space management team to properly allocate shelf space based on customer demand and achieve the following:

  1. Optimize shelf holding capacity
  2. Minimize out of stocks
  3. Drive sales
  4. Reduce store labor required to replenish key demand items (and much more!)

Now is the time to do an in-depth category review to optimize your range of products and right size your planograms. Birkhofer Consulting, Inc. has partnered with SAS to help our clients with this challenge. Our combined team can quickly complete a complimentary assessment of your current category management processes and data analytics program. This assessment will allow your team to quickly prioritize where to focus effort to have maximum impact.

With our experience and SAS’s analytic solutions we can augment your team to accelerate your assortment and space optimization program. This approach will provide reports and dashboards to help your team make data-driven decisions.

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