Service Offerings

Shrink Management

1. Physical Asset Loss
2. Store Level Procedural Loss
3. Administrative Loss
4. Price Integrity

Shrink Management Case Study

Work Force Management and Task Management

1. Work Force Management Readiness Assessment and Evaluations
2. Existing Work Force Management Implementation Remediation
3. Work Force Management Configuration
– Including Labor Standards and Standard Operating Procedures
4. Implementation Project Management Office

Work Force Management and Task Management Case Studies

Perpetual Inventory / Computer Automated Replenishment



Omnichannel Case Study

Store Operations

1. Process Improvement and Re-engineering
2. Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures
3. Implementation, Change Management, and Rollout

Performance Dashboard and Data Analytics

1. Dynamic Flash Reporting
2. Trend and Exception Reporting
3. Statistical Modeling
4. Significance and Sensitivity Analysis

Our team will provide retail operations skill sets to augment your team on an as needed basis to provide specialized expertise. Specific roles our team can fill include:

1. Initial strategic planning and program design
2. Temporary executive positions in operations, merchandising, marketing and technology
3. Overall project office management support
4. Business process design to support the development and configuration of specific technology requirements
5. Change management and performance management program support
6. Organizational design team
7. Turnaround team members
8. Bankruptcy workouts

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