What is Strategic Profit Improvement?

Our methodology is based on “Strategic Profit Improvement” or SPI. This approach enables our team to apply our extensive knowledge of industry best practices and our database of key performance indicators to quickly determine performance gaps in people, process and technology. Our Strategic Profit Improvement approach was developed based on our experience with many of the top retailers in the US, as well as retailers in the United Kingdom and Australia. Each member of the Birkhofer Consulting team has over 15 years of industry experience and over 15 years of Big Four consulting experience. This deep industry experience enables us to hit the ground running and quickly determine areas of opportunity.

SPI is a proven solution set that delivers significant results in 6 to 9 months by affecting the four principal value drivers in any retail organization:
1. Increasing revenue
2. Reducing costs
3. Optimizing asset utilization
4. Leveraging technology

SPI is generally a wide-scale approach driven by:

1. The client’s corporate strategy
2. A simultaneous top-down and bottom-up approach to analysis
3. A broad assessment of the entire organization’s value chain
4. Targeted high impact, high value areas used to generate substantial savings and improvements

SPI programs produce quantifiable benefits in 6 to 9 months, allowing the client to:

1. Improve revenue growth and yields
2. Reduce and control costs
3. Improve profit margins
4. Increase employee focus on higher-value added activities
5. Optimize assets and manage investments
6. Free-up trapped capital to fund growth Increase shareholder value

How is SPI different from typical cost cutting approaches?

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